Do Donkeys Act?

“Burned, beaten, abandoned, donkeys look back at us humans with indifference, and bray.” David Redmon and Ashley Sabin’s DO DONKEYS ACT– filmed over 5 years––subtly subverts the notion of the “dumb beast” as it captures donkeys communicating emotionally with each other in the midst of healing from human cruelty and neglect.

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Sanctuary Trailer


“Welcome to heaven on earth” is one of few spoken lines in filmmaking duo David Redmon and Ashley Sabin’s latest documentary which puts donkey “actors” centerstage. The camerawork is simple and quietly observant, and the sound design is continuously immersive. No interviews or dialogue interrupt this unobtrusive approach. No explanations by title are given.

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Choreoraphy - Trailer


Donkeys actively look back at the filmmaker’s gaze in Choreography, an experiential documentary that inverts a vérité or observational approach by showing everyday moments of how donkeys avoid becoming “caught” and transformed into an “unaware” or “natural” image.

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There is mystery to the sound and image. The focus is on an animal, but what animal? The image contains subtle movement. Gates slam as percussion to the quiet nighttime sounds. The delicate movement of the animals fur and flesh is contrasted against its sound, almost musical in pitch and tone. The beast creates a symphony of sounds.

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Sentient 1 trailer

Sentient 1

A woman awakes from a dream and explores life. Her life is embodied in these images and sounds.  Sentient 1 is a poem from lost fragments stitched together creating an evocative journey through time.  It is also alive a real thing.  


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Sentient 2 Trailer

Sentient 2

I had a dream.

The dream that we were going to be apart.
Waking up, realizing I am being in a different city in distance where you are in.
I can only talk about my old memories to dreams.
Becoming a dream is an approach toward our memories.

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NEIGE (SNOW) trailer


In this snowbound ballet mécanique, hills of snow are cleared from the lamplit streets of Montreal in noisy, rhythmic procession. 

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Kingdom of Animal

Kingdom of Animal

Kingdom of Animal is a one-shot documentary revealing the experiential sensations of factory laborers who process lobsters and fish inside three interconnected factories on the coast of Prospect Harbor, Maine. Our cinematic approach took three months to prepare before we recorded Kingdom of Animal (we have four different versions).

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